About me

I’m an editor* by profession, which is why I use proper apostrophes and em and en dashes and obsessively check what I’ve written for typos. I live in Canada in the province of Nova Scotia with my husband, whom I shall call Anselm for the purposes of this blog, and two cats, Wandering Aengus (Gus) and Travis McGee (McGee). We have a daughter, 21, who at university in Ottawa and has, for all intents and purposes, left home.

I knit, I spin, I love to cook. If I think of anything—or if anything changes—I’ll let you know.

About my name
When I first decided to start a blog, I was somewhat taken aback to discover that I’m not the only Mama Lu on the Internet. But I’ve been Mama Lu for five or six years, since my daughter was in high school, and I’ve used this name on the Internet (because there seemed to be a lot of Susans) so I decided to use it for this blog.

* I decided not to say where I work or much about it. This is because it is frequently very dull, but also because to do so could be a career-limiting move.


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