May 2, 2006

Coat trailing

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I’m Back
Three weeks of vacation and one week of crazy busy at work and I’m back on the blog. Crazy busy continues in fits and starts. Right now it’s hurry up and wait, and I’m not inclined to start work on anything because I suspect it may be a long day—if not today, then tomorrow.

Beijing and Hong Kong were amazing—particularly Beijing (I find that Hong Kong has lots of spirit, but very little heart and soul). This in large part was due to our Beijing guide, my husband’s nephew James, an exceptional young man. He claims his Mandarin is rusty; but he more than made up for it with charm. I don’t think that anyone we met went away from the encounter without a smile on their face. As for details of the trip, I think I’ll leave that up to my husband. I’ll link to his trip report when he gets it done.

The Coat Trailing
I was interested to read that Franklin had tried to join the KnitList and had been rejected without explanation. I wandered over and reaffirmed that it is quite amazingly dull, so, confident that I had nothing to lose, I posted the following:

I was surprised to read on The Panopticon, one of my favourite blogs,
that Franklin had tried three times to join the KnitList and had been
rejected each time without explanation.

What are the criteria for membership of this list? The description of
the list is “a non-commercial, worldwide forum to share knitting
information in an environment of dignity and respect.” Since Franklin
is one of the most dignified and respectful people I have ever
encountered in the knitting world, I find it curious that he would not
be allowed to join. Moreover, I think it is very disrepectful that no
reason be given.

I do hope that I get kicked off as a result. I’ve never been kicked off anything. At any rate, I’ll be interested to see if I get any replies.*

I may join KnitTalk. TechKnit, although interesting, is a little intimidating, and at some point I’d like some pattern sources for a comfy cardi for Kate. Then again, I may try to wing it. The requirements are that it be slouchy without being sloppy, have set-in or raglan sleeves, perhaps a tie belt (in which case I’d make it flare so it doesn’t bunch) and perhaps a shawl collar. It should be in wool, so it doesn’t grow, but be soft and not scratchy, and probably in a DK weight so it’s fine but not impossibly so. Ah well, perhaps when I have some spare cash, I’ll get some knit design software. On the other hand, graph paper is free.

* Ahhhhh. the first came very quickly—an admonition that I e-mail the List Moms because “.They are in charge.” The second just said that she loves Franklin’s blog and his voice.


April 2, 2006

Knitting to go

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We leave on Tuesday, so I’ve been trying to work through my to do list this weekend. Unfortunately, I’m at that point of (late) middle age when I start to do something, in the process see something else that needs doing, do that for a bit, and then forget what I was doing in the first place. However, things are looking good. I’m finishing up the laundry, I have two pairs of pants to hem (I seem to buy clothes only when we’re about to go somewhere), and I have to clean out the fridge.

Knitting to goThe most important thing is done. This is the knitting that will sustain me over the next three weeks: the Cobweb Crepe Shawl and a pair of Jaywalker socks in Opal. There’s a second ball of Merino lace that isn’t in the picture, and I just tore the house apart looking for it. It turned up in its own little ziplock in my carry-on. My first idea was to take only the shawl, but I’m not sure how Chinese security view metal knitting needles, so I’m going to work on the socks, on bamboo needles, during the flight from Beijing to Hong Kong. For the flight home, I might put a lifeline in the shawl and bring both. Then, if they don’t like the metal circular, I can abandon the needle and work on the socks.

I’m particularly happy about the little cosmetic case on the right. It’s the perfect size for a ball of sock yarn or a shawl in progress, and it fits in my purse.